Arrive Logistics is one of the fastest growing logistics brokerages of all time. Growing so quickly presents unique marketing and communication challenges, and for Arrive these challenges were twofold:

  • Employee Recruitment - Arrive was hiring upwards of 20 new employees every month. They needed to attract the right candidates.

  • Equipping Sales Team - Arrive’s rapidly growing sales staff needed tools that quickly communicated key value propositions to potential customers.

BL&S has been working with Arrive on an ongoing basis since 2017, and when marketing director, Evan Pundyk, reached out to us about producing recruitment and sales commercials he needed us to clarify the vision for each video and create treatments that set Arrive apart from the other leading brokerages in the United States.

We began by doing character and story research. This meant interviewing Arrive’s most successful brokers about their selling approach, listening in on customer calls and slowly gaining an understanding of what sets Arrive apart during a sales-related conversations. We also spent time with Arrive’s employee recruitment team to build a clear picture of the ideal candidate. This included reviewing in-depth personality profiles of successful and unsuccessful past employees.

Huay Bing-Law was selected to direct, and with a director attached and research completed BL&S moved onto script writing and casting.

The solution for their recruitment problem was a 90 second commercial called “How Will You Arrive?” (embedded below). “How Will You Arrive?” showcases four successful Arrive Logistics employees, and tells the stories of how each of them found a unique way to success. The four characters represent unique personality profiles that have been proven to perform well within the company. BL&S casted the roles by finding real Arrive employees that embodied the characters and played well on camera.


The solution for their sales problem was a two minute commercial called  “Arrive Logistics Sales Anthem” (embedded below). “Arrive Logistics Sales Anthem” uses three split-screen panels to visually connect abstract ideas such as location, scale, speed and technology. This video is based around three short stories about times when Arrive went above and beyond for their customers, as well as how their growth and scale enables them to uniquely provide value


Both of these commercials were shot in two days. Filming took place at Arrive Logistics headquarters and various locations in Austin, Texas. BL&S blended the live action footage with carefully sourced stock footage and custom motion graphics. The final commercials embody the fast-paced, ambitious and independent energy that Arrive Logistics is known for.

“Bring Light and Sound is an excellent production house and I would recommend them to anyone in need of a compelling story and striking visuals. I have used BL&S to make two corporate campaigns in the last two years with a total of 40+ deliverables and they never disappoint. BL&S has access to uniquely talented and energized crews and high caliber directorial talent, but most importantly they respect filmmaking and don't compromise their standards. As the head of a marketing department for a half a billion dollar business, I don't hire vendors that make me question if they care as much as I do. BL&S has always passed that test”

-Evan Pundyk, Marketing Director Arrive Logistics