San Marcos is a rapidly growing city located halfway between Austin and San Antonio. For decades San Marcos has been a quiet college town mainly known for Texas State University and the San Marcos River.

In recent years the size of San Marcos has continued to boom making it one of the fastest growing cities in America. The expansion of San Marcos meant a rebranding of their identity was necessary. They needed to get the word out that San Marcos is more than just a place to attend college or visit on the weekends. San Marcos is a city where you can build a family and a career. It’s home to publicly traded companies and boasts an Amazon distribution center that employs thousands. It’s full of opportunity.

The San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce reached out to BL&S about producing a series of commercials for their “Choose San Marcos” marketing campaign. “Choose San Marcos” is about showcasing all that San Marcos has to offer for potential residents and business owners. It’s a part of a coordinated citywide effort aimed at encouraging businesses and families to move to San Marcos and stay for the long haul.

Luke Lashley was chosen to direct this project because of his pre-existing relationship with the city of San Marcos. He studied at Texas State University for his undergraduate degree and was already well aware of the growth, and well acquainted with all of San Marcos’ main attractions.

With the help of the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce BL&S developed scripts for 3 commercials:

  • “Choose San Marcos” - A 90 second spot showcasing all that San Marcos has to offer.

  • “The Sound of San Marcos” - A 90 second spot focused solely on the San Marcos River and its place within the community.

  • “It Can Be Done In San Marcos - A 60 second spot dedicated to small business opportunities in the San Marcos area.


This project required 22 locations, coordination with 40 San Marcos residents, and 4 days of filming. BL&S was able to meet these demands by rolling with a light production crew of only 6 people, working with primarily battery powered light sources and relying on natural lighting and small bounces.

The first “Choose San Marcos” spot received more than 60K views on Facebook alone in first 10 days of being published.