Rise Clothing came to us at a perfect time. They had just begun a major overhaul of their image and wanted to create a brand film that would echo their unique approach to athleisure clothing. Rise Clothing wanted to make sure that people knew their brand was about way more than just clothing. Rise is the attitude and idea that we as a community should come together and support one another in our struggles so that we can rise above adversity.

Our first step in creating their brand film was to continue that message. To put the “Why” behind the brand to the forefront and capture the entirety of someone's efforts to Rise. We wanted to go with a story that was relatable to any athlete, the journey of recovery.  From this idea, we created a script that would not only capture an athletes recovery, but also the community around them. This narrative approach led to smooth and seamless production.


The final product was something that the team over at Rise Clothing loved. They immediately put it on screen at their retail locations and spread it across social media. We have already begun development on further expanding their video content including the creation of a testimonial video campaign and new product films.